From my very first post I wanted to pay homage to the speech which inspired the title of my blog, Ain't I a Woman? by Sojourner Truth. Such a beautiful speech, such a beautiful name, such a beautiful woman. It is one of my favorite pieces. I strive to emulate this style in my own work. Poetic and powerful. Honest and unafraid. Memorable. And I like brevity. It too is beautiful. This is the standard I wish to be held to as I explore the question with you ~ ain't I a writer?
"Obliged to you for hearing me, and I do have a few things more to say..."

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Sunday, April 10, 2016

My shortlisted short.

     I participated in the Mash writing competition a few times just for fun. I love the challenge they present; three unrelated words that must be used unchanged in a story of no more than 500 words. I use it as an exercise to build my writing muscles, and was truly surprised to hear that my last entry was shortlisted and is now in the final running! Mine, called  Semper Fi, Mac, is being viewed all over the www with the other finalist pieces, and the winner is chosen by the popular vote of readers. Please check it out:

      I really love the graphic!

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