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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Another New Start

Began a new class last night. A writing workshop. I have a strong inkling that I'm going to love it as much as I did the last one. Driving to Cambridge can be a drag, but being there is exhilirating. I've been working on my first writing assignment most of the day. I'm unsure that I'm beginnning it well. I think I'll post the opening pararaph and see if my readers might share their thoughts;

I hate to say I was naïve. I hate to say I was uninformed. But maybe I was. Still, when you come out on the other side of any traumatizing life event, you can be either proud or ashamed of the way you rode it out. I tell this story with pride. Not the natural pride of a mother for her baby, or a bride for her gallant groom, or even for me - an individual woman with an individual story to tell. I tell it with the pride of millions of mothers who have given birth, alone and frightened, without comforts, kindnesses, or competent assistance, and have done so willingly, to be a part, a small simple part, of the primal surge forward that is procreation.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Aint I A Writer?: Sunday Confession

Aint I A Writer?: Sunday Confession

Sunday Confession

Well, I'm pleased as punch to say I don't have to confess to being a lackluster slacker this week. It was a wonderful week to be a writer! I got much more done than usual, and am not likely to repeat what I can list off now. The really big news is that I had a meeting with a potential publisher where I submitted not one, but three manuscripts! What you need to understand is that all of those had been in the works for years, I just happened to finish up with them now. One of them, a children's book with photographs that I took, I have been working on for seven years. He didn't say how long before I will hear anything and so far I haven't heard from him. I also sent off a query letter to a national magazine but haven't heard anything about that either. I did finish rewriting my research paper to submit to Yankee Magazine, and will be sending it out this coming week. For some reason, I became unstuck with it, as I had been complaining about last week, and was able to finish it up rather easily. I read two of my poems at public venues, and listened to many other poets read theirs. Lastly, I interviewed the subject of my next column, though haven't gotten it written yet. And now I am going to start working on a poem for Haiti. I invite you to join me in this worthwhile writing exercise;