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Friday, June 25, 2010

Maids and Butlers and No Help At All

      Emily made the news again this week with this interesting new look at her work by author Aife Murray. It is especially interesting to contrast this glimpse into her life against the backdrop of the other story that I recently posted about regarding her late life love affair.
    It also makes a lot of sense to me when you compare her life story to my own. I would be a prolific (though not necessarily talented) writer too, if I had a kitchen maid and other house and yard servants to tend to my home and family for me. Almost everything that takes me away from my work are responsibilities that Emily was able to delegate to servants who in turn gave her daily life interesting nuances to write even more about. And then for someone else to write about yet again a century later. Can you tell how frustrated I am?! I have had a pretty hard week, peppered primarily with pet problems, and had no help at all which gets frustrating sometimes.
     I didn't like the images that came up when I googled maid, so I switched to butler, and this guy comes up about 100 times more than Rhett. Don't know who he is, but now I want a butler more than I want a maid. I'm pretty sure it would enhance my writing.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Dwelling in Possibility

    My brother Will sent me this link, and I am so glad he did. I loved reading it, and can't resist sharing it with you. It makes me think of the Mona Lisa. One can not know what a woman is really thinking. I see some interesting underlying ideas to ponder about the ethics of the poet (all of us, not just Emily). And also find it a bit intriguing that Emily's "improbable" tryst started when she was 47 years old, suggesting that perhaps I do not need to adopt any "cobweb attitudes" of my own. . . Emily’s secret love - The Boston Globe

Sunday, June 20, 2010

New series

      Not much to report on this week in the way of accomplishments. Life has been a tad hectic lately, downright hairy really. Did get one submission out and completed negotiations for a series I'll be writing for my local paper this summer and the first came out today;