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Thursday, July 1, 2010

God Bless America

    Three submissions out this week, and I'm calling it quits. So that's one for each day that I'm taking off. If I can. I need a holiday, but I have a hard time not working. So I'm telling myself (and you) ~ Let the games begin. Problem is I think I'm too tired for the games! Ah well, I can always read on the beach which I think would do me a world of good. I am struggling with Tinkers right now, but more about that another time.
     I did want to share this link to an article about food writing among other things. I have an unfinished cook book project, and an unfinished memoir project, and found myself enthralled by the talk of the trend of merging the two. It's an intriguing idea that I've been thinking about all afternoon. I haven't read this book, or any of his others. Does anybody have any opinions?

Tuesday, June 29, 2010


     I have been a fan of John Irving for a long time. In fact he is one of the few authors that I have remained a fan of for a long period of time. Most authors, and readers for that matter, change over time, and we move on to other affairs of the mind or heart. While in my 'hood we consider Irving a local, I really don't think that my enduring interest is about that. Or about his robust good looks and engaging intellect though in all honesty these are probably contributing factors. I think it's about his writing. I found this brief interview with him thought provoking. He makes an interesting distinction here about the difference between being an artist and a craftsman. My problem is that I am not sure that I understand the difference. Give it a listen and see if you can help me out...