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Thursday, June 9, 2011

There Are No Rules

If I had an e-book I would do this. I confess that I'm starting to cave. I've been having a strong desire to buy my kids the Nook lately. Not for me, for them. But it is starting to seem that the e-book is inevitable. I have said before, "You can have my hard copy book when you pry it from my cold dead hands." And I meant it when I said it. They, paper pages bound together within a lovely cover that I can cuddle up with, will always be my preference, but I am beginning to accept that some of our information, in the not too distant future, will only come to us in this form. That actually takes choice out of the equation. Like it or not.

There Are No Rules - 5 Free E-Books Every Writer Needs

Monday, June 6, 2011

I found this to be

worth sharing.
     Poet and editor Nate Pritts was quoted in a recent issue of Writer's Digest as saying, "... keep the faith. I think you need to do something that you know is right and keep doing it until everyone else is convinced, too. And I suppose I would encourage poets to realize that writing a poem is a small portion of what they owe to poetry. A poet doesn't just write poems. A poet starts a journal or starts a press. A poet gives a reading or organizes a reading. A poet reads poems - thousands of them. A poet cares about your poem as they care about their own."
     I am keeping the faith.