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Thursday, February 11, 2016

My Valentiny PB Entry

How To Ungrump A Bad Day

It was February 13th, the day before Valentine’s Day.
It got off to a very bad start, when I fell out of bed,
whacking my head, on the floor, kerplunky!

Then my Mommy made me some
icky oatmeal which I just stirred and stirred
until it was cold and clumpy.

She said we had to hurry up
and made that scrunched-up face
that I said makes her look so frumpy.

She seemed mad, and drove to preschool
with the radio on, while I rode along
in my car seat, on the road so bumpy.

I would not say good-bye to her
so she left without a kiss or hug
and I felt sad and mad and jumpy.

I was staring out the window when
my teacher said, “Hey there friend,
why so down-in the-dumpsey?”

Then she helped me make a valentine,
with so much paper held with glitter
and glue that it was kind of lumpy!

When my Mom came, I gave it to her.
She hugged me, and just like mine,
I could feel her heart go thumpy.

We went home then,
to start again,
and neither of us felt grumpy.

by Tammi J Truax