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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Books With Soundtracks: The Future of Reading? - The Atlantic

I hadn't given this idea any thought before now. While I have always enjoyed the silence of reading, the truth is most of the time I don have some type of background noise going on while I read. I will probably check one out on my iphone just to be fair. I'm leaning toward the Salmon Rushdie sort story mentioned in the article. It's fascinating to think about soundtracks to your favorite works as well as your own once you start considering the possibilities.
Books With Soundtracks: The Future of Reading? - The Atlantic

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Pretty Big Week

and I'm not talking hurricanes.
      I finished the first draft of my novel yesterday! It does still need plenty of work but it is a huge milestone for me to have gotten to this point. I had started two others before that I haven't finished yet. (I do hope to finish them at some point.) It's very exciting, and starting on the revising process feels like a blast. I wish that I could hole up somewhere alone for a week or two and get it done without interruption.
   Also, got word last week that two of my poems will be published in an anthology next year called The Widows Handbook chosen from "nearly 500 submissions from all over the world".
     And last but not at all least I was asked to be the poetry curator for this years Jazzmouth Festival. I was thrilled to say yes to that!
      Come to think of it I don't want to leave out that I received an email from Joyce Maynard today. That was pretty exciting too.