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Sunday, August 10, 2014

Dog Days Update

     I certainly have been dragging my feet about this post, and I'm not even sure why.
     I guess I didn't want to whine, much like I did in my last post, about how disappointing the low turnout at the book launch and celebration for the little Longfellow book I worked on for so many years was to me. Much like a mom, I wonder why everyone isn't as enamored with my baby as I am. Of course, I am incredibly thankful to the small crowd that did show up, and to Don Young for his fun portrayal of Henry W. Longfellow. Here he is giving he reading;

       Last night, my daughter and I watched The Book Thief, and I thought it was an absolutely stunning film; a beautifully rendered story about a beautiful story teller. I highly recommend it and feel bad about never having read the book. For most of the last eighteen months I have read little that wasn't research related, though right now I am working through  A Room of One's Own and Woman Warrior while I finish up my AROHO retreat application, itself a lengthy process of hard work. I plan to finish tomorrow!

The-Book-Thief-Review-e1361765380759.jpg (440×220)

Tonight, I am off to my writing critique group and will have an important chunk of my novel work-shopped by a group whose feedback has become very important to me. I'll ask about what is ugly and glorious in my words and they will tell me. Maybe I'll report back tomorrow...