From my very first post I wanted to pay homage to the speech which inspired the title of my blog, Ain't I a Woman? by Sojourner Truth. Such a beautiful speech, such a beautiful name, such a beautiful woman. It is one of my favorite pieces. I strive to emulate this style in my own work. Poetic and powerful. Honest and unafraid. Memorable. And I like brevity. It too is beautiful. This is the standard I wish to be held to as I explore the question with you ~ ain't I a writer?
"Obliged to you for hearing me, and I do have a few things more to say..."

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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Tea for Two

     This month marks the eighth anniversary of my column, Tea for Two, published in my hometown newspaper, The Portsmouth Herald, and partially archived at
     When I chose that name for my column I wasn't aware of the song, popular before my birth, by the same name. I wanted the title to imply the way that the stories that I share in my column come to me; through one-on-one casual conversations like one might have with a neighbor.
     I have since come to appreciate the song, covered by many wonderful artists, and share this version with you. Happy Anniversay.

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