From my very first post I wanted to pay homage to the speech which inspired the title of my blog, Ain't I a Woman? by Sojourner Truth. Such a beautiful speech, such a beautiful name, such a beautiful woman. It is one of my favorite pieces. I strive to emulate this style in my own work. Poetic and powerful. Honest and unafraid. Memorable. And I like brevity. It too is beautiful. This is the standard I wish to be held to as I explore the question with you ~ ain't I a writer?
"Obliged to you for hearing me, and I do have a few things more to say..."

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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Tea for Two today

Tea for Two: Looking back at lessons learned |

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  1. I loved reading this article, Tammi. Your love for the city is resounding in your every word. I love the premise of your column-which I have never heretofore read. Remember...I am happily starting from the beginning of your posts. You have such a personal connection with these folks that have shaped old Portsmouth. This Christmas, I bought my Dad a recorder which is still in the package. I wanted him to record stories as he thought of them-about his days in Windham, NH-eight generations in our family homestead there-and the house may sell when Dad goes. You have inspired me yet again. Going to visit him, get that recorder going and start telling his stories. Thanks again, Tammi.