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Sunday, May 10, 2020

New Poem

Ground Glass

The only freedom I've been longing for
is to go back to the blissful time
when I had no idea
how I would die.

Now I contemplate my covid comorbidities
and consider, should doctors see
the telltale ‘ground glass’ in my lungs
what might happen next ...

First, I develop pneumonia, a crushing pain in the lungs
I've known before. Then, perhaps weeks later, I wane
by a parade of organ failures; lungs, kidneys, liver, 
or an explosion coming as a stroke or heart attack.

Respiratory distress is an agonizing way to go.
Someone, if I am lucky enough to have someone,
will titrate my morphine, if I am lucky enough to have morphine,
and relieve my air hunger. Will, if I am lucky, help me die.

Until the blissful time returns, I'll stay home.
When I must venture out, I'll wear a mask
so you are free to worry less about ‘ground glass’
and if you were to return the favor

that would be
ever so kind.

Tammi Truax

all rights reserved


  1. Speaks for all of us .My wife has been more protective of my health than ever. Amazing times.

  2. If nothing else this pandemic has taught us that we are all connected, or it should be teaching us that. Our actions may have a very indirect or direct affect on someone. As one with a loved one in a nursing home and an autoimmune disease "survivor". Yes please, wear your masks and respect your fellow humans.


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