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Saturday, September 21, 2019

Beautiful Words

       This is how a fellow poet, Mark de Carteret, describes my poetry:

      "These clear-eyed art-icles. That alert us to the lesser seen, cared-for. Asserting their location, state. Without making too much of a scene.  Too over-tended a dent. Not letting us in on all their secrets. But taking that lead. When needed. Steering the reader towards a reality.   More thoughtful of reality. Arriving as if camera ready. Made in the image. As well as owning a swell ear. Not having to use a siren on us. When a “listen in” will do. But they also stretch out. Staking out more terrain. Casting a more figurative of net. When it’s asked for. "

       He speaks in poems. You should check out his work.

     This podcast is several years old, but worth a listen. He has a new book out as well. It is called For Lack of a Calling.
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