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Monday, May 20, 2019

Pub Day

      It has been such a whirlwind since publication day, of exciting ups and downs. I feel like I've been for an elephant ride!
     It was fun to have an event, my first official reading as Portsmouth Poet Laureate, on the same day as the book came out, which allowed me to sell and sign books.
     Yet more exciting was waking up the next morning to find For to See the Elephant on a couple of Amazon's lists of bestsellers. The first time I saw it my book was sitting in the #2 position right between Laurie Halse Anderson and Jason Reynolds on a list called Hot New Releases in Poetry for teens and young adults! I was stunned and overjoyed. Pub day far exceeded my wildest expectations. Though the book has slid up and down the list, yesterday almost sliding off when Amazon ran out of books, it rose back up to #5, then 7 today, and has remained on the list these twenty days it has been out.
      I haven't really figured out how to promote the book yet but I am working on it. I hope to get more reviews, but it feels so awkward to ask for them. I'm really not very good at sales, but I am good at PR. My latest idea (tell me what you think) was to buy a batch of little plush elephants to sell with the book when I do events. They are on the way now.
      I'm so happy with the Mother's Day gift my daughter made me; an author's website which you can view at That will certainly help me in my marketing efforts, as soon as I figure out what my marketing efforts should be!

       Check out this song!

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