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Sunday, February 4, 2018

       Last weekend I was most fortunate to attend a meeting of Maine Women Authors #MeWA which is a group that gets together on a regular basis at varying locations. This meeting was memorable because of where it took place.
     Thanks to the efforts of a member, Professor Elizabeth  De Wolfe, we met at the Maine Women's Authors Collection wing of the library at the University of New England in Portland. We were given a tour of the collection, and it is beautiful and inspiring, as a place to visit briefly and a place to work for hours.
     Now added to my ever-expanding bucket list is to someday have my work included in the collection! For now it was heart-warming to see friends like Jane Cowen-Fletcher and Betsy Sholl on the shelves.
     Here is a mini-tour for you:

 The space, inside and outside, that houses the collection is beautiful.

 All genres of writing are represented in the collection.
 This gun belonged to author Josephine Peary, wife of Admiral Peary.

This table belonged to May Sarton.

 Sarah Orne Jewett.

 Old and new works, some rare, are preserved and protected.

 Just loved everything about the collection!

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