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Sunday, January 28, 2018

A new volunteer gig ...

       I started a new volunteer job this weekend. Not that I really have any spare time, but that has never been the criteria that I use when accepting volunteer positions. Volunteer work should be a labor of love, and this one is like a perfect storm of my interests, and if I may so so, a good use of my skills.

        For a couple of hours each week, I am working as a transcriptionist of the Anti-slavery Collection of Distinction at the Boston Public Library. I am one of a large team of volunteers that reads original documents, and types in a transcription which will eventually be made public for easy reading by anyone, anywhere..

      More details can be found here:

     I think I need better eyeglasses!!

4296727.jpg (1024×684)


  1. Ah, you will be performing a valuable service. I am thinking of becoming a volunteer transcriber/tagger for the National Archives. There's a great need and many, many missions to choose from.

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