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Friday, July 1, 2016

Almost, but no cigar

I've just learned that I am a runner up for a scholarship to attend a conference I am interested in. That likely means I will not be attending, but maybe seems to be a big part of my life as a writer, so ... we shall see.

Here is the announcement from the MWPA that came out this morning:
​The MWPA is thrilled to announce that Cecelia H. and Kate Ver P. have both won scholarships to attend the Sixth Annual Slice Literary Writers’ Conference in downtown Brooklyn, New York on September 10 and 11.

Congratulations to both C​
​ecelia and Kate! Their scholarships include:​

• Fees for both days of the Sixth Annual Slice Literary Writers’ Conference

• The option for two one-on-one editor/agent meetings: “Ask (Almost) Anything” and “Quick Pitch.”
• A $250 cash honorarium

​The jurors also named Tammi Truax as runner-up, and Elisha E. and Meghan G. as finalists.  ​

​Thank you to all who submitted!

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