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Saturday, August 1, 2015

Sunday Book Launch!


     Tomorrow evening at five o'clock at my local indie bookstore, RiverRun, we will be celebrating the launch of a brand spanking new anthology of short stories by seacoast area authors. I am thrilled to have a story included. Mine is something that I tinkered with for a long time. It is based on a couple of my ancestors, primarily the story of how they met and married, but is a work of fiction. I wove into their story the history of how we treat breast cancer, which has changed so drastically in the last century. I wanted to write something that would reflect the progress made on that front. I thought for awhile it might become a novel, but ultimately decided it works better as a short story. It was my first serious attempt at historical fiction, which is what I have been focused on for several years now.
       There are many other authors and types of writing represented and there is sure to be something to please everyone, so you should get yourself a copy. Better yet come celebrate with us, and hear a few stories read by their authors.

      Here is a link if you are not close by;




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