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Monday, August 17, 2015

Go Local

Upcoming Author Event. A little something for everyone. Bring the kids. Bring the grandparents. Bring some strangers. Just come! Support local writers.

Local Author Fair
September 16, 6 – 8 PM
Portsmouth Public Library

Want to meet local authors, find some great autumn reads, and enter to win fabulous prizes? The Portsmouth Public Library will host a Local Author Fair on Wednesday, September 16 from 6 – 8 p.m. Special guests will include Portsmouth author Katherine Towler and award-winning writer James Patrick Kelly!

Kelly is the science fiction author of BurnThink Like a Dinosaur and 1016 to 1. Katherine Towler is a poet and author of the trilogy of novels Snow IslandEvening Ferry, andIsland Light.

This event is FREE and open to the public. Visit with local authors and enter to win prizes from the Music Hall, the Gundalow Company, Louie’s Italian restaurant, Bennett’s Store, Pickwick’s Mercantile, Strawbery Banke, and more!

40 authors from the Seacoast area will participate:

+        James Patrick Kelly     Fiction/Science Fiction                                                                       
+        Katherine Towler        Fiction/Literary                                                                                  
+        David Barnette            Fiction/Fantasy
+        Jacquelyn Benson        Fiction/Historical Thriller/Romance
+        Jeff Deck                     Fiction/Horror/Science Fiction/Nonfiction
+        Tim Horvath                Fiction/literary
+        Shelby June                 Fiction
+        David Random             Fiction/Humor/Short Stories
+        Amy Ray                      Fiction/Mystery/Thriller
+        J.E. Seymour                Fiction/Crime
+        Tammi Truax               Fiction
+        Earl Yorke                   Fiction/Science Fiction           
+        Michele Albion            Nonfiction/History/Women/Technology
+        Nancy  Beveridge        Nonfiction/Moving & Decluttering
+        Marilynn Carter          Nonfiction/Cookbook
+        Bette Freedson            Nonfiction
+        Jessica Kliskey             Nonfiction/Self-Health and Nutrition
+        Rachel Leah                Nonfiction/Death and Dying
+        J. Dennis Robinson      Nonfiction/History/True Crime/Travel
+        Barbara Sedoric          Nonfiction
+        Stefany Shaheen         Nonfiction/Memoir/Health
+        LeCain Smith               Nonfiction/ Holistic Health Care/Integrative Medicine
+        Donald Trefethen        Nonfiction/Local History
+        Ellen Walker               Nonfiction/Memoir/Autism
+        Robert Wheeler          Nonfiction/Travel/Photography
+        Richard Winslow         Nonfiction/ History
+        Nancy  Grossman        Nonfiction/Poetry
+        Crystal Kent                 Nonfiction/Youth
+        Steve Carter                Poetry
+        Kate Leigh                   Poetry
+        Peter Horton               Young Adult/Local Historical Fiction
+        Joyce Shor Johnson     Young Adult/Middle Grade
+        Valerie Lofaso              Young Adult/Paranormal Fiction
+        Robert Miller              Young Adult
+        Pat McDermott           Young Adult/Historical Fantasy/Paranormal/Romance
+        Susan Benedict            Children’s
+        Denise Brown              Children’s
+        Carol Lincoln               Children’s
+        Alvin Walker               Children’s
+        Stephanie Workman   Children’s

Contact:     Laura K. Horwood-Benton, Public Programming & Community Relations Librarian | 603 766 1711

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