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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Quick visit to NYC Public Library

     Last month while in New York City I was thrilled to have some time, albeit not enough, to pop into the New York Public Library, and dragged my not-particularly-interested teenage companion through the exhibit now showing there on the history of children's literature. A lifelong passion of mine, and a subject I have taught at the college level, the exhibit was a thrill for me. One could spend a day perusing it; it is that thorough and detailed. There are many wonderful interactive displays as well as priceless ephemera to ponder, though unfortunately photos are prohibited, so I can not share with you any of the treasures I saw. You should go see for yourself. It is really worthwhile. Even though I got to spend very little time with the exhibit, it was enough to learn something new that has inspired my next picture book project (just as soon as I finish this novel)...

     Another little tidbit I learned at the exhibit was that in 1938 Walt Disney made a video of one of my favorite picture book characters, Ferdinand the bull. In case you too have never seen it I offer it here. It is, like the exhibit, delightful.

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