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Friday, July 8, 2011

Networking or Prostituting?

      Sandwiched around a delightful but much too brief trip to Cape Cod, I have been surging ahead in the not totally shameless self-promotion that is required of a writer today. I tend to make these changes slowly. Sometimes I have to be drugged and dragged into the present. I joined Twitter. I really didn't want to, finding that Face Book met my needs nicely, but I had been getting a fair amount of pressure from the larger writing community that I needed to. I don't like it much, and still have a bit to learn about it, but I am on there now.
     I also listed myself with a service called Inkubate. ( which seems like it could be very worthwhile for the undiscovered. Here in their own words is what they do;

What is Inkubate?
"Inkubate is your portfolio, online. It’s also a marketplace where publishers and agents find new work quickly, organized according to the categories they care about. More importantly, it’s the place where publishers and agents vie for the rights to negotiate with writers like you. You are paid whenever a publisher or agent views one of your excerpts, and when an auction—the object of which is to win the right to negotiate with you—is concluded."
     Lastly, and this was more a result of my old cell receiving a final death blow than a well thought out plan, I bought an iphone 4. I've owned it less than 24 hours and I am already happily utilizing features that will contribute to my work. I love the note taking feature for example, and the simple-to-use calendar. The free kindle app was a big selling point for me too. I'm looking forward to discovering other apps for writers and would love to hear any recommendations....

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