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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Getting High Every Morning

     So I want to apologize. I know I have been terribly remiss in my blogging. And I am sorry for that. I do feel bad. But not very. The thing is I have been immersed in a very prolific period. I have been writing like crazy. Can't stop. Most mornings I  am at it by 5 AM. And it's been wonderful. I am having a great time. I've been on a roll, on a tear. I can't stop writing. It might be that I'm mulling over choosing the one right word for an hour, or writing a whole scene in ten minutes. I just can't stop! Even when I'm not at the computer I'm writing. It might look like I'm walking the dog, but I'm writing. It might look like I'm taking a shower, but I'm writing. This morning I had to go pick up my son from his college apartment  in another state and I was writing most of the way. I can be passing a long stretch of Winnebago's on their way to Maine for the Fourth while rocking out to the Allman Brothers and I'm still writing. In fact, if I ran into writer's block right now, I'd just run right over it with big mean monster wheels. Not even stopping to pat it on it's rough little head, even though we have been intimate so many times before.
     So I haven't been stopping to do too many other things. I just want to ride this out as long as it lasts. I do hope it will see me all the way to the end of the novel. I adore the high it gives me. It just might be addictive. I call it a creative buzz, and it's better even than an organic pomegranate cosmopolitan. So if you'll forgive me and excuse me, I've got to go get high again.

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