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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Brand New Radio Shew!!

     Brand spanking new lap top. Back in business, so to speak. Got one submission out in the last week, and received one reject letter. I guess that can be construed as breaking even.
      Have been a bit distracted from writing with lots of side projects. One big one is the launching of my (with my co-producer Terry Farish) brand new radio show called Seacoast Journal, which will be featured several times a week on WSCA 106.1 LP FM. It is modeled a bit after story corp and features interviews with colorful characters living and working and playing in this neck of the woods. If you live in another neck you can stream our program live over the web at www. We've been working on the show for about a year so riding the airwaves finally is kind of exciting. The show will be similar in style to my newspaper column, but you'll be able to hear the sounds of our fair little city too.
      Have also been putting an inordinate amount of time into my reading this week at Beat Night, at a much loved local venue. I have decided to share a set of cancer poems, mine and others, in large part because one of the band members (we read to improv music at this reading) is in the throes of a battle with cancer and I'd like to honor his fight. A couple of the pieces I'll be sharing are from the book shown below which is an anthology that I am published in.

     Here is a little something that I found interesting.

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