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Saturday, April 24, 2010

John Sinclair at Jazzmouth

     Jazzmouth: The Seacoast Poetry and Jazz Festival is half over, but has already been fully fulfilling.I attended three different events yesterday, and heard poetry by many wonderful writers, most to musical accompaniment. Most notably one of my favorites Eric Mingus, son of Charles Mingus, and John Sinclair, a still inspiring poet activist. You may remember him from this;
Earlier in the evening I had read a spontaneously penned haiku at the poetry dinner that had a travel theme, as well as a poem written by my friend Hugh Harter titled Andrin, Spain. Here is my haiku;

Lusting for spring break in Greece
volcanic ash fall
dictates stay home, sky at rest.

This year's Jazzmouth chapbook, for which I wrote the introduction, is now on sale. If you can't come to the festival to get a copy contact Sargent Press.

I'll be hearing many others read today and tomorrow, including former US Poet Laureate Robert Pinsky. You can join us.

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