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Friday, April 16, 2010

I'll take sandals

      Worked very hard this week, but haven't much to show for it. Certainly not anything in the way of monetary rewards. I do have a reject letter. One letter rejecting three poems, but with an encouraging little handwritten addendum. I have been preparing for two public readings this week, accepted a couple of assignments (both gratis), got some research for one of those and for my novel done, attended my writing workshop, got one submission out, and two new poems written, though probably not finished, and a bit of work done in planning the PPLP (I'm on the board of the Portsmouth Poet Laureate Program) art reception finished. That's about it. Here is the poem I read last night at a celebration of the work of the original beats. It's a favorite of mine. Seems rather fitting since I will be traveling early in the morning to attend a writer's conference and I bought a new pair of sandals this week, and am happy about both.

A Traveler
by Denise Levertov

If it's chariots or sandals,
I'll take sandals.
I like the high prow of the chariot,
the daredevil speed, the wind
a quick tune you can't
quite catch
                 but I want to go
a long way
and I want to follow
paths where wheels deadlock.
                               And I don't want always
to be among gear and horses,
              blood, foam, dust. I'd like
to wean myself from their strange allure.
I'll chance
the pilgrim sandals.


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