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Monday, March 30, 2015

A Happy Little Announcement

       I have been working with children all of my professional life, and it continues to be important to me. Today I represented writers at the annual career day at the middle school my children attended, and really enjoyed my time with the eighth graders. One young man came up and shook my hand after. I was struck by how polite and engaged they all were. 
     So I am really looking forward to my next gig, one that I've been anxiously waiting to announce until all of the ducks were cued up.
     I have been asked to be the poet in residence this year at Portsmouth High School. The Buffler Residency in Poetry is sponsored by the Portsmouth Poet Laureate Program thanks to an endowment from the estate of our city's first poet laureate, Esther Buffler.
     I have a vague memory of Esther Buffler, but know her poems and her reputation. I am honored to carry on her work. I intend to wear a wacky hat when I work with the kids, and hope that they will join me.

     Read more about Esther here;

index.1.jpg (263×300)

       You might be able to hear her on this fifteen year old link;


  1. Keep on rocking Tammi, sounds like a blast, and a great opportunity to connect with students on a creative level. Also, best wishes with the crazy hat theme...

  2. Thanks Bob. It just wouldn't seem right to represent Esther hatless.

  3. Bravo Tammi. A hat for sure! She had such flare! I have copies of her Portsmouth Poet Laureate project CD. If you would like one message me.

  4. Thanks S. I've got it. But I am looking for her poem about the ghost at The Rockingham if you've got that.


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