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Wednesday, September 24, 2014


      Please accept my humble apologies for blog-neglect. I have been working hard all summer to settle into my little writer's cottage, all the while trying to prepare myself for leaving my youngest baby in New York City (of all places!). It has been a tumultuous time for me, and now that the leaves and temps are transitioning too, I'm beginning to settle into a new routine. Sort of ...
      Still, I intend to become more neglectful than ever this winter as I hole up and finish the first draft of the novel I've been hammering away at for about eighteen months. I am really nearing completion and what it needs now more than anything else is much uninterrupted attention. First though I have to get through the busy museum teaching season, but that will fly by. Then comes Thanksgiving and the kid will be coming home!
     Obviously I have a lot to learn about holing up in my cottage...

      There is something that I have been wanting to share; I recently had the pleasure of  introducing three poets who had come to my town to give a reading at my local indie book store, and it really was a pleasure.
      One was New Hampshire's reigning poet laureate, Alice B. Fogel, and another was a young lady making her way through the poetry world with considerable success, Leia Penina Wilson .  They were both well worth hearing.
     But the poet who really caught my ear was Kate Gale. When she read one of her poems in two voices, I could scarcely breathe. She is skilled at reading her own work to great effect, which is something few poets seem to take the time or effort to perfect. So many of us are hobbled by the habit of being humble. Hobbling ourselves, how stupid is that? Our voices should be as strong in the air as we want them to be on the page. IMHO.

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