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Friday, August 23, 2013

Announcing book release!

     After about three years of hard work, I am so happy to announce the release of my debut novel as an eBook now available through most eretailers. With a big shout-out of gratitude to all my friendly beta readers, especially WB Bernan, Sarah Flause, Kate Leigh, and Zachariah Johnson, and to my editor Erin Brenner, who also had to work hard. It is a rewarding feeling to set this one free, so that I can now fully focus on birthing my new baby. A big bouncy thing kicking it's Mama hard from the inside.
     I would be most grateful for reviews of the first born, really I would! Or if you prefer a more private exchange please feel free to message your thoughts to me. Broken Buckets is a tale that an agent told me no traditional publisher would touch because the subject matter is something no one wants to think or talk about, which is exactly why I wrote it. Now I need to know what you think.

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