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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Getting there...

     I have been working so hard lately, and want to say that seven day work weeks are exhausting. But, this streak of productivity is too good to bring to a halt, so I'm just going along with it like a happy little hitchhiking hippie.
      And I am happy to say that this week a lot of forward momentum was gained. It now looks like both of the books that I am putting out electronically will be ready to go public at just about the same time. Not necessarily the way I wanted to do it, but that is the way it turned out. One is my first novel, (the title was changed to Broken Buckets from Holy Buckets in the end) and will only be offered as an eBook and should be ready any day now. Just a few last minute tweaks to formatting are being worked out.
    The other is a project I have been working on for years. At least five years, maybe longer. Considering it contains so little writing it is surprising how very long it took, and how much effort had to go into it. It will be the reproduction of an old poem (not mine) with brand new illustrations. It is meant to appeal to all ages and I think it will. It will have the most appeal to people with a fondness for the Portsmouth, New Hampshire area, but is not at all limited to the region. For that reason though I am publishing it in print as well as electronically.
     Both books will be ready very soon, and I will be marketing both as I continue plugging away at my historical novel. It is an exciting time for a writer when anything you've been working on comes to some kind of fruition. Fruits are just about ready for picking! I will keep you posted.

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