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Thursday, March 7, 2013

AWP Highlights

     I'm too tired to say much about my first day ever attending AWP, but just have to share the highlights. I went to a few workshops before cutting out early due to the gnarly Boston weather. (Don't commute to AWP, it's designed to be an immersion program.) The best one I attended was on launching your book in new and creative ways, and I got all sorts of inspired ideas about celebrating the release of my e-book soon. Stay tuned because you are invited to the party!
     The best part of attending professional conferences is always meeting new people and knowing that your lives will remain connected. Today I had lunch with the editor of an anthology that I'll be published in next year, The Widows' Handbook (forthcoming 2014 from Kent State University Press)  invited by Jacqueline Lapidus, Co-editor. I got to meet her for the first time, and she was so kind as to even offer to put me up in her home on this stormy night. I also had the pleasure of meeting several of the other poets who will be featured (there are 87 of us in all). One had come all the way from Sausalito.
     Most exciting to me was that I learned that Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg has written the forward for the book. How cool is that?!


  1. I too am exhausted from the intensity of all that schmoozing. But, meeting you and the other TWH contributors was the highlight of my day. Glad you got home without skidding. And I'm looking forward to your e-book!


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