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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Children's eBooks

     Yesterday at the New Hampshire Writer's Project annual conference, I attended a workshop given by Dan Niglosschy who is the Executive Director of the Independent Publishers of New England, a non-profit trade association. His talk on Digital Publishing Trends, Strategies, and Best Practices really got me thinking.
     Not so much about publishing my novel as an eBook (though I see that as inevitable in the long term) but about putting out at least one of my children's book projects as an eBook. I hadn't considered it before, longing of course, for the hard copy to share with little ones. But I see the great possibility now of eBook being the right solution. I have finished a picture book about my home town, that would only sell locally, and is so graphic heavy that printing it has been prohibitively expensive. I have been working on this project for ten years and refuse to give it up. Now in looking at these gorgeous e-picture-books that are blazing the trail I think I might even have to improve upon what I have ready;
    Does anyone have any experience creating, buying, or reading children's picture eBooks? Would you buy one for the little kid in your life? Any comments would be appreciated while I evaluate this option.

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