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Sunday, March 25, 2012

A Good Week

     This was a really good week, considering that I got very little writing accomplished, had a couple of deadlines diddled with, and earned embarrassingly little. There were a couple of accomplishments that made all of that worthwhile.
      First, in the aftermath of the recent horrible tragedy of the Afghan shooting rampage by a US soldier, I realized that my manuscript Holy Buckets, which is a novel about a soldier with untreated PTSD, should go out this week. So often book deals seem to hinge on timing. So on Monday morning I sent an excerpt to the press that I would most like to see publish it, and was thrilled that the very same day an editor wrote back and asked me to send the whole thing. I realize that probably means nothing at all, yet it was the most encouraging letter from a publisher I have ever received. I spent about ten hours making final edits and sent it off. Here's hoping...
     Also, spent a few hours preparing my first (I think my one and only) comedy routine. I performed as Sasha Shatner at a local fundraiser called Shatner Beat Night, delivering a version of All The Single Ladies in the style of William Shatner. This was the third year that this event took place in my community, and though I was interested in participating before I had always chickened out. I decided not to allow myself to do that again, and made myself enter the very male-dominated competition. Though I was as fierce as I could be, I only took second place, and that was not publicly acknowledged. It was still quite rewarding to go where no woman had gone before, most of all, me.


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