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Friday, November 18, 2011


     I'm sure it appears by my lack of blog posts lately that I've been slacking, but as tends to be true, things are not really what they seem to be. It feels like I have been working harder than ever. Not earning more than ever, just working harder. There certainly have been distractions; the usual home and family mini-emergencies which are tolling in on a very regular basis of late. Time and dollar consuming disturbances to my writing. I have been forced by fiscal necessity to look for additional employment and selfish potential employers have been making me jump through all sorts of hoops for them. More time and dollar consuming disturbances to my writing.
      But I have been writing. Some. I am still tweaking the novel, and still enjoying the revision phase. I wish I had more hours to devote to it. A dear friend read and edited it for me and I am using all of that feedback. I started a monthly poetry class that has me revisiting poetry writing which I had been neglecting while focused on my book. I have also been participating pretty faithfully in PiBoIdMo, and have found the process to be far more fun and worthwhile than I ever anticipated. I have come up with some ideas that I am excited about and fully intend to pursue later. Additionally I have been participating in as many NaNoWriMo events at my public library as I can. They have been such wonderful supporters of writers this month.
     One of those events was the opportunity to attend a talk given by Hallie Ephron. She gave a humorous and warmly inspiring talk to a few writers, and I wished I had had the money to buy her book written just for writers (see below). She was kind enough to offer to critique a paragraph of our work if we chose to send her one which I'm going to do tonight.
     I haven't covered everything I have been up to the last couple of weeks, but I'm going to write to Hallie now, and will continue with the update tomorrow.

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  1. Hi, Tameri - it was a pleasure meeting you! And what a nice city Portsmouth is. Looking forward to reading your paragraph!


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