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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy PiBoIdMo!

    Each year I cringe at NaNoWriMo being held in November. I have always liked the idea of the challenge, but November is a daunting month for me. I am a single working mom. I have Thanksgiving and one child's birthday to get through. That is one week of the month shot right there for me! (I spend much of November in the kitchen, and I like it that way.) So when I learned a couple of weeks ago about an alternative choice called PiBoIdMo I was thrilled. This challenge, created and organized by blogger Tara Lazar, encourages participants to come up with one new picture book idea every day for the month of November. I can handle that challenge and see it as quite worthwhile.
     Today was day one of PiBoIdMo and it was easy and enjoyable. And the idea would not have come to me if not for the challenge. There is no question about that. And that is the very purpose of these types of creative challenges, to push you where you would not have gone on your own. They serve this purpose beautifully. There is still time to jump in...

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