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Saturday, August 27, 2011

".... an oddly pleasant sense of anticipation."

     I have just discovered the writer Joyce Maynard. Not at all sure how I missed her. I have always been partial to reading native New Hampshire writers, but I was just introduced to her work by a mutual friend last week. A used copy of the good daughters (HarperCollins, 2010) arrived while I was out last night. A novel set in NH about women growing up I was anxious to delve in and did so this morning.
     On just page four I was struck so much by the closing paragraph I just had to share it;

"One thing about a hurricane: it turns everything upside down. You never know how things will be once the wind dies down. All you know for sure: the world will look different tomorrow. And perhaps it is  a sign of some restlessness in his nature, or more that that even, a hunger for something not yet found, that Edwin Plank heads out into the wild night with his heart beating fast. Life on this patch of earth could be totally different in the morning."

     I hope to spend the day tomorrow curled up with this book, maybe with my first fire of the season to light the room, while Angry Irene batters my doors and windows. I trust it will be a worthy diversion as I am already enthralled. Stay safe everybody.

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