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Monday, May 16, 2011

On Partners

      There they are. And at least they got noticed, even if it was mostly negative press coverage.

     I added something new to my writing regimen yesterday. I now have a fiction writing  partner, and we met for work-shopping for the first time yesterday. I think there is no question that this is going to be a very productive partnership. I completely concede that I wouldn't have gotten the work done (on a new novel idea) if I hadn't had the deadline of our meeting (though I must confess that I did not meet the five page quota I was supposed to). And the sharing, discussing and critiquing, of each others work is, of course, invaluable. Today I revised the piece and added quite a bit to it. Best of all, is that my writing partner is quite talented, and I'm really looking forward to watching his growth as a writer. There is no doubt in my mind that this is going to be fun and rewarding, and I will meet my quota next time. I am much more inspired to do so.

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  1. Great idea! I wouldn't write or revise anything at all these days without my poetry workshop. A writing partner is such a good practice I think. Can't wait to hear how the relationship evolves.


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