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Monday, August 23, 2010

The Belle of Amherst

     What an exciting day! In addition to my baby turning fourteen, as of this afternoon there is a very real possibility that an outstanding artist will be illustrating a picture book I have been working on for several years. Just a possibility at this point, but it may happen, and my little book is so much further along than it was yesterday. It feels that all of my little fledglings are preparing to leave the nest. I'll keep you posted.     
     This past weekend I went to see a local production of the one woman play The Belle of Amherst written by William Luce. It was a bit mesmerizing to see and hear Carol Davenport portray Emily Dickinson in such a believable way. She really looked the part right down to her slight size. The only thing she didn't nail was a Massachusetts accent. The set was also remarkably authentic. A final charming touch that deserves acknowledgement is that the actress brought Emily's black cake she had baked herself for the audience to enjoy, and it too was excellent. Here is an excerpt of another actress interpreting Luce's script. I'm afraid this show added to my bucket list substantially. I'd really like to perform this show one day. What a feat that would be.


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