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Friday, March 19, 2010

Unreliable Characters ...

     Wow. Overwhelming is the only way to describe this week. I feel like I could stay home and work hard for three years, and maybe, just maybe, I'd catch up. The kids had a short school week so that really slows me down, among other unnecessary distractions. Let's see if I can come up with any accomplishments. . .
     I was asked to write the introduction to the 2010 Jazzmouth Chapbook which I got done and am happy to report it was well received. I'll post info when it rolls off the presses, but in the meantime you should be sure to checkout . I critiqued one classmate's writing, but have two to go this weekend, and one of them is 20 pages long. I got started on my class reading but have much left to do. I did get sidetracked with my research for my historical novel which is really where my attention wants to be. I tweaked and performed one of my poems at Beat Nite. Very rewarding as always. I scheduled an interview for next week for my next column, and agreed to do a series of gratis articles for the local paper (which really isn't a non-profit), but my nieghborhood asked me to do this and it's about local history which really is a passion of mine. Also got a call about some other free lance work that might be coming my way but is still in negotiations, am just now getting caught up on my blogs, and made a teensy bit of progress in searching for an agent. Considering all of the problems being lobbed at me this week, I guess that list isn't so bad. Is it?
     One other thing I did was attend my library reading group. I believe that being in a reading group is an important part of a writer's work. You can't be a good writer without being a good reader, and I find that whenever I participate in a book discussion group I gain insights about the book that I would not have had on my own. This time we were discussing The Art of Racing in the Rain. I most wanted to talk about the idea of the unreliable narrator which is what really struck me about this book, because the narrator is a dog. I found the weakest part in the book to be when the author actually has the dog give a disclaimer about how he didn't see or hear any of the next few things that were going to happen (because it was a court room scene that he couldn't work the dog into) but had gleaned info about overtime. That really took much away from the story for me which was otherwise a very interesting and witty read. Dog lovers especially will like it. I hear it is being made into a movie starring Patrick Demsey. This is the book's official trailer;  Oddly enough, the voice doesn't sound quite right to me.
     Here's a little more on the concept of the unreliable narrator (which are usually our species) if you'd like to know more, Unreliable narrator - The Art and Popular Culture Encyclopedia

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