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Monday, March 8, 2010

Agent Needed - Inquire Within

     So I did start looking at where I would like my manuscript to go next, and the conclusion I have come to today is that I have to get a literary agent. Virtually all of the publishers I will need to send it to from now on won't take unsolicited manuscripts, only those sent to them by an agent. An agent! How on Earth will I ever choose one? Seriously friends, I need help here. I'd rather not do this at all, or really, I'd rather do it myself. It's like when you are sending your first baby to school and you have to put him on the school bus. It's unsettling and scary. You would much prefer to hold his little hand, walk him all the way to the classroom door, and even wait awhile until you see he is settled in his cute little chair. Supposedly the up-side to this is that if I relieve myself of some of this business-BS of writing I will be able to focus more on the art of writing which would be a relief frankly. If the busdriver is any good that is, and takes good loving care of my baby.
     Here is a post I wanted to share, as I found it interesting, and maybe a bit disturbing....

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